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Destination Everywhere

A new way to do accessible travel.

Inclusive tourism professionals

We specialise in creating inclusive and accessible itineraries and experiences, and in promoting the accessible features of travel destinations.

Influencer marketing

Inclusive influencer marketing means making your destination attractive to travellers of all abilities. We help you make your communication truly inclusive and reach a wider audience.

Giulia on her wheelchair aboard a sailing boat, she smiles and is wearing a red shirt and jeans
Giulia Lamarca for PromoTurismo Friuli Venezia Giulia
Anne, the head of association Decalage in Brussels, a light brown haired woman, during a workshop on accessible hospitality in a youth hostel in Brussels

Training products

We create custom-made trainings on inclusive digital communication and accessible tourism. Thanks to our international network of specialists, we are able to offer multi-lingual and multi-cultural custom trainings.

Everything we do is

Our work is to analyse your organisation’s needs and create custom solutions for you. Contact us for a free orientation session.