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What is Destination Everywhere?

Designing a new way to do accessible travel.

Launched in 2018, Destination Everywhere was first a platform to find tours and packaged holidays, created by experienced accessible travel tour operators and travel agencies. In two years, we built a network of over 20 partners and destinations all around the world.

In 2020, when the world locked down, we produced online Masterclasses, virtual tours with local guides, an accessible travel podcast and online content to keep talking about accessible travel, even from our couches. Then, in 2022 thanks The Break Fellowship, a ground breaking accelerator program for women entrepreneurs, the concept for WheelTribe was born and fostered.

In 2024 we will launch the WheelTribe platform, a community-based travel platform for the independent travellers. A platform created by and for people with disabilities and their allies. Curious?


The core team

Marco Canali

Marco is a business angel with a wide portfolio of start-ups and scale-ups. He is also supporting Easyreading, an Italian company that produces a high-readability free font for people with dyslexia.

Angelica Malizia

A trained restorer, she organizes educational activities and artistic workshops in collaboration with various associations. Angelica is also a licensed tour guide and she is doing a training on Digital Tourism Management.

The Advisory Board

The advisory board of Destination Everywhere meets maximum 3 times a year to discuss new projects, exchange ideas and work collectively on specific initiatives, new services or products.

The Board members participate with their ideas, experience and enthusiasm on a voluntary basis.

Lola Delnevo

Passionate about mountaineering and climbing, Eleonora had a life-changing accident in 2015 during an ice climb, losing the use of her legs. Undeterred, she restarted her outdoor sports journey and ascended El Capitan’s Zodiac route in Yosemite Valley. She also recently crossed Patagonia in a handbike, rediscovering the beauty of slow travel. Eleonora is a passionate traveller and an environmental consultant in Italy.

Erik De Velder

Erik De Velder became a wheelchair user after a car accident and lives in Brussels, a not-so-accessible city.
Meter by meter, street by street, he re-discovers Brussels and meets the whole wide world.  He’s been a passionate advocate for accessibility in public transport, daily life, and the rights of people with disabilities. 

He might be your guide to fully exploit everything Belgium has to offer in terms of food, attractions, and adapted means of transport.  

Josh Grisdale

Barry Joshua Grisdale from Toronto, Canada, found his passion for Japan in high school. He later pursued his dream of living and working in Tokyo, gaining citizenship in 2016. On he shares reviews on the accessibility of tourist spots. His other website,, provides a community for travelers to discuss accessibility around the world.  Additionally, he contributes to government accessibility boards and tourism committees, and was torchbearer at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2022.

Mechthild Kreuser

Mechthild Kreuser, a social psychologist and mindfulness/yoga teacher, advocates for inclusive mindfulness. A person with disability herself, she promotes self-acceptance and teaches stress management. Through her trainings, podcast, and social media, she fosters mindfulness for all. A public speaker, podcast guest, part-time dancer, and peer consultant, she supports individuals with a disability in self-employment. She is a passionate world traveller.

Giorgia Rollo

Giorgia Rollo, President of the 2HE Association since 2014, spearheads impactful projects like “IO POSSO,” creating Italy’s first accessible shore for severe motor disabilities at San Foca, expanding to Gallipoli in 2022 and Porto Cesareo in 2023. She oversees project ideation, fundraising, and coordination for a team of 50 members, 100 volunteers, and 25 employees, offering services such as “Tutti in camper!” and psychological support for ALS-affected families through “Resilienza a domicilio” and “Smasc.”

Our values

Since the beginning, our work has been focused on promoting accessible travel for and by people with disabilities and their allies.
We are a “not only for profit” enterprise.
Also, we support a form of travel that is respectful of the destinations, their inhabitants, the environment – and we support local businesses and expertise.
We work exclusively with companies and organisations whose values we share, such as accessible travel initiative Accessible Indonesia. A part of their team is portrayed in the picture illustrating this paragraph, with two young ladies carrying a ramp to take travellers to visit a temple.

two Indonesian young ladies wearing the yellow shirt of travel agency Accessible Indonesia smile while carrying a ramp for a wheelchair